Disney’s Trailer for Soul is easily another tear-jerker

The extended trailer for the new Disney Pixar film Soul, dropped a few weeks ago and yes, I am late to the game, but it still worth showcasing cause it’s beautiful and it’s a Disney animation starring a black lead and several other black characters. Soul is directed by Academy Award winning director Pete DocterContinue reading “Disney’s Trailer for Soul is easily another tear-jerker”

Could Deadmau5 still be considered for a Fantasia reboot

So what happened? Well…those Ears, that’s what happened. According to THR, Deadmaus, unbeknownst to me, had been approached several times by Disney to create shit. Who knew??? Imagine a remixed Star Wars theme for the Disney XD show Star Wars:Rebels? Yep, he was approached. They also wanted to use his track “Ghost and Stuff” forContinue reading “Could Deadmau5 still be considered for a Fantasia reboot”