Watch The Green Ruby Pumpkin and know what Halloween is!

It is because films like this that I love Halloween! Directed by CGI animators Miguel Ortega (Jack The Giant Killer, THOR) and Tran Ma (Alice In Wonderland, G.I. Joe) The Ruby Green Pumpkin is a delight in that way that years from now you’ll be asking yourself “remember that one Halloween story…yeah that one. Wasn’tContinue reading “Watch The Green Ruby Pumpkin and know what Halloween is!”

What is Halloween about? This amazing podcast sheds some light on the topic.

It stands to reason that any holiday that celebrates death would be looked down upon by some people, but in some countries death is celebrated, almost as a rebirth. It’s these celebrations that have collectively morphed into the American holiday as we know it. Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing had the pleasure of interviewing author andContinue reading “What is Halloween about? This amazing podcast sheds some light on the topic.”

Name That Soundtrack: Science Fiction up’s the ante

It was about a month ago we challenged you, our readers, to guess the name, composer and titles of ten science fiction film/tv soundtracks. The response was less than desirable and most of us at MITNG had begun questioning our approach. We began blaming ourselves and saying maybe if we had toasted the bread betterContinue reading “Name That Soundtrack: Science Fiction up’s the ante”

Very cool videos from very cool artist

In our effort to find and pin point what you little demons like we’ve gone and compiled this list of very cool videos from very cool artist. What really happened was Vimeo was having a sale on bad ass videos and I bought a bunch of them and almost didn’t want to let you guysContinue reading “Very cool videos from very cool artist”

The Kubrick perspective

The Stanley Kubrick‘s method of cinematography was something I caught onto early, even before I attended film school. It was pretty clear to me that he relished forced perspective and vanishing points. Some say it was something he picked up from the great filmmaker Kurosawa some say it was all his own. I tend toContinue reading “The Kubrick perspective”

Trailer for Barry Levinson’s new horror virus film “The Bay” may be worth checking out

  So the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious have teamed up with writer Michael Wallach and director Barry Levinson (Wag The Dog, Rain Man) to bring us this pretty real to life documentary style horror called The Bay. Leaning heavily on the Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity vibe this film or at least it’s trailerContinue reading “Trailer for Barry Levinson’s new horror virus film “The Bay” may be worth checking out”


This weeks playlist contains yet another batch of lofty, smokey beats and whispers guaranteed to put yo ass to sleep at the wheel. My mind wanders to “chillwave music” as punishment for my past life as a metal head and now I’m doomed to wander the shores of exotic beaches and stare out at turquoiseContinue reading “M.I.T.N.G PLAYLIST #16”


The 1902 book Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad was the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola‘s 1979 Vietnam War drama Apocalypse Now. The books name became the name of the documentary directed by Max Bahr and George Hickenlooper that chronicles the making of Apocalypse Now. In film school this excellent documentary was required viewingContinue reading ““APOCALYPSE NOW” DOCUMENTARY “HEARTS OF DARKNESS” GETS A MAKEOVER”


This is just one of those post you have to do about a band right after listening to their album. Not like the previous works of these Cambridge, Mass cats wasn’t something to behold, but their latest Gossemer is got to be one of my favorites for 2012. Passion Pit is Michael Angelakos (vocals, keyboards),Continue reading “PASSION PIT’S NEW ALBUM “GOSSAMER” IS MAGIC!!”


Back in the day I remember talking to a good friend of mine, Bill Cefalo, about opening our version of the most fucked up haunted house we could think of. Well I think Eli Roth (Hostel,Cabin Fever) has gone and beat us to it. The Goretorium is a project several years in the making accordingContinue reading “ELI ROTH’S NEW HAUNTED HOUSE “GORETORIUM” PROMISES YEAR ROUND HORROR ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP”