Mis-Drop is a science fiction short unlike anything you’ll see…ever

Trust the folks from New Zealand (Wellington to be exact) to keep upping the ante ,when it comes to innovative ways to tell stories with visual effects. Mis-Drop is one of those, out of the box, science fiction films, that if director Ferand Peek isn’t careful, Hollywood will steal the shit out of and actContinue reading “Mis-Drop is a science fiction short unlike anything you’ll see…ever”

ANOMALY proves to be much more than expected

It took awhile, but I finally got around to finishing Anomaly. I first set eyes on this magnificent book at the Phoenix Comic Con 2013 and became an instant fan. Developed by Anomaly Productions started by VFX artist Skip Brittenham and comic book writer and editor Brian Haberlin , Anomaly is a visually groundbreaking augmentedContinue reading “ANOMALY proves to be much more than expected”