Sony/Columbia Pictures just bought a Captain Nemo script

Captain Nemo or as the Jules Verne story is commonly known “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, has been up for grabs for quite sometime. Mostly because of the renewed interest in old science fiction or what is now called Steampunk. It kinda started with the adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic Vertigo title “The League ofContinue reading “Sony/Columbia Pictures just bought a Captain Nemo script”

New No Age album to be released August 20

  Three years have passed since the noise-rock band, No Age, has released an album. It’s a known fact that No Age are also ass-kickers and Everything In Between (2010) is a great album. Even before, Nouns (2008) is constantly on my playlist. The band has yet to release a mediocre album, and the critical acclaim doesn’t seem to beContinue reading “New No Age album to be released August 20”