Truant / Rough Sleep show Burial’s diversity

What can I say, we’ve been waiting patiently since 2006 for a followup to the amazing album, Unture. It can be hard to nail down Burial‘s sound into a single genre. Although it is easy to tell his 2-step, garage, and ambient influences, his sound is very unique. What his early 2012 release, Kindred, did was only showContinue reading “Truant / Rough Sleep show Burial’s diversity”

Scott Walker leaves you with a jaw to pick up on “Bish Bosch”

Experimentation in music is the reason why we hear what we do today. If someone didn’t go out of their way to fuck with the listener, who would? Us as humans are intrigued by the some of the oddest things. We enjoy attention, we like it when others we dislike are hurting, and we wantContinue reading “Scott Walker leaves you with a jaw to pick up on “Bish Bosch””