MITNG is now on Youtube

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here, Episode 0 of our new web series and man is it weird, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Follow the link to our Youtube channel and subscribe now to receive your weekly dose of MITNG news and shenanigans’. I’d like to give aContinue reading “MITNG is now on Youtube”

MITNG review’s Dark Horse’s Abe Sapien #1

Hellboy‘s partner at the B.P.R.D (The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) “Abe Sapien“, has always been kind of an anomaly to me. Mostly, because I wasn’t as much into the comic books as I was the movies, which gave little back story as to Abe’s origins. Had I followed the comic book closer, IContinue reading “MITNG review’s Dark Horse’s Abe Sapien #1”


Here’s when I’m gonna be that guy and post some shit a day late and a dollar short, but sometimes it bees that way. This trailer doesn’t veer to far outside the realm of typical plots, but this trailer is still something to behold for an under 40 Mil budget (I said that like aContinue reading “AMAZING TRAILER FOR “THE PROTOTYPE” DIRECTED BY ANDREW WILL (ACT OF VALOR)”