Will 2014 be the new Season of the Witch

The answer is yes.. If you’ve been watching any of the new tv shows like Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story or have heard news of Maleficent or Into The Woods, than you know that Witches are the new Vampires, but how did it get to this point? We were burning them two hundred years ago.Continue reading “Will 2014 be the new Season of the Witch”

Keys N Krates video for Treat Me Right is for lovers only

Toronto based musician’s Keys and Krates have outdone themselves or should I say their director Ohji, has out done him/her or their selves. This trap style song is already large in itself, then you add this video that features animated covers from cheesy romance novels and you have what the French refer to as AuContinue reading “Keys N Krates video for Treat Me Right is for lovers only”

Guide To The Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, many of you may be wondering “just how do you prepare for the end of the world and what should we expect?” Well illustrator Adam Rosenlund has come up with a few ideas that he’s been kind enough to share with the world. No matter what’s yourContinue reading “Guide To The Apocalypse by Adam Rosenlund”