Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust

There’s really no easy way to talk to children about the atrocities that took place during World War II, especially if your family was directly effected. That’s not to say that that’s what this book was designed to do, but with the child-friendly drawings on the cover and throughout, one would think that was theContinue reading “Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust”

Trailer for Kung Fury is easily one of the best things you’ll see all day

I’m a child of the eighties. I’m the type that searches feverishly on the web for reminisces of my childhood, so when someone manages to take all those whistles and bells and presents them back to back, I am a devoted follower. Director David Sandberg created a kickstarter for this project several months ago andContinue reading “Trailer for Kung Fury is easily one of the best things you’ll see all day”

Disgusting new trailer for Frankenstein’s Army arrives

In another attempt to sci-fi/horror, the hell out of the Nazi‘s comes Frankenstein’s Army. This trailer looks pretty crazy and should do pretty well given the success of such cross over WWII films like Dead Snow and Iron Sky. Frankenstein’s Army is directed by Richard Raaphorst (Worst Case Scenario), which despite it’s amazing trailer hasContinue reading “Disgusting new trailer for Frankenstein’s Army arrives”