Artist Alex Grey’s cosmic temple ENTHEON get’s Kickstarted

“It takes a miracle of creative imagination on the part of a community to envision a sacred space into existence and that is precisely what happened.”–Alex Grey The best way to describe Alex Grey’s work is “transcendental art”, I think I just made that up, but if you Googled it, I’m pretty sure someone hasContinue reading “Artist Alex Grey’s cosmic temple ENTHEON get’s Kickstarted”

Dirty Beaches – Drifters / Love Is The Devil review

When Suicide performed their first concert in East-Side New York, they were booed off stage for their proto-punk attempts.Their simple forward-thinking combination of synthesizers and drum machines could be considered too much to handle for the no-wave crowd of the time. Ironically, the band’s legacy is still found today in top album lists and otherContinue reading “Dirty Beaches – Drifters / Love Is The Devil review”