MITNGTV Episode 4

This week on MITNGTV we’ve got some new clever graphics for ya, showcasing two new spots on our program…The Kickstarters (where we focus on a Kickstarter we are excited about) and Underground Mondays (where we showcase some up and comers to the music scene). Course we will be highlighting all the stuff we’ve been talkingContinue reading “MITNGTV Episode 4”

MITNG’S Videos of the Week

STARS-Hold On When You Get Love & Let Go When You Give It I needed this video after the week I’ve had in rootin tootin Arizona. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that it’s going to be alright and this video was a healthy dose of that. This new single from the Montreal basedContinue reading “MITNG’S Videos of the Week”

Outstanding time lapsed tagging by legendary bomber SOFLES

I’m a huge fan of street art. I don’t have any favorites I can mention, but I could stare at the murals at Five Points in Long Island City all day. Wait, Alex Pardee is definitely one of my favorites. In fact, the pieces I have on my forearm were done in the Village byContinue reading “Outstanding time lapsed tagging by legendary bomber SOFLES”

Underground Mondays: Throwback to No Wave with Rosa Yemen

Ironically, a genre that takes so much out of music is on the rise again with influence. No Wave was a short lived art scene out of the dirt cheap New York City downtown. It originated with the rise of constant drug use and visual art growing in the New York downtown area, and withContinue reading “Underground Mondays: Throwback to No Wave with Rosa Yemen”

New No Age album to be released August 20

  Three years have passed since the noise-rock band, No Age, has released an album. It’s a known fact that No Age are also ass-kickers and Everything In Between (2010) is a great album. Even before, Nouns (2008) is constantly on my playlist. The band has yet to release a mediocre album, and the critical acclaim doesn’t seem to beContinue reading “New No Age album to be released August 20”

Short film ABE is creepy and fascinating

Remember when Commander Data got that emotion chip in Star Trek: The Next Generation? Well imagine if Data got that chip, but it was crafted by Dexter voila you have this homicidal robot Abe. Oh, he just wants to be loved, but when it’s not reciprocated, he’ll will fix you, he’ll fix you dead. AbeContinue reading “Short film ABE is creepy and fascinating”

The Secret Life of Heroes by illustrator Gregoire Guillemin

These groundbreaking images of heroes doing the mundane came to us via Juxatapose magazine and boy are we ever thankful. Illustrator Gregoire Guillemin drinks from the 1960’s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein cup, in this hilarious group of images of famous super heroes engaged in some not so superhuman behavior. It’s not like comic book illustratorsContinue reading “The Secret Life of Heroes by illustrator Gregoire Guillemin”

The OFF BOOK series presents The Art of Illustration

If you haven’t already seen these amazing Off Book reports presented by PBS ,then allow me to introduce them to you. Off Book is a web series from PBS that explores cutting edge art, internet culture, and the people that create it. This week the PBS Off Book series gives us a glimpse in theContinue reading “The OFF BOOK series presents The Art of Illustration”

The Creators Project presents: Scoring The Beast of the Southern Wild

I keep posting about this film, but I still have yet to see it. It seems like a no brainer for the type of film that I would like though. All the components seem to be there…fantasy, myth and a cute little girl with crazy acting skills. Despite not having seen it yet, the filmContinue reading “The Creators Project presents: Scoring The Beast of the Southern Wild”

A Very Merry Sci-fi Christmas: Drinks, a variety show, and…square dancing?

On Friday night, Nerd Nite Phoenix and Dr. Diabolic teamed up to put on a holiday event for all the Star Wars fans in the valley. As was promised, the event included photo opportunities with Darth Santa and his Mandalorian Merc elves (with a bonus Stormtrooper thrown into the mix!), a fun yet educational presentationContinue reading “A Very Merry Sci-fi Christmas: Drinks, a variety show, and…square dancing?”