New Michael Jackson album Xscape to be released in May

I’ll be honest, I had gone past the point of purchasing Mj albums a long time ago, but it’ll be interesting to hear what they do with these yet unreleased tracks. Posthumous…it’s a funny word, that always seemed to me like grave robbing for greedy family members or big corporations and let’s be honest, it’s,Continue reading “New Michael Jackson album Xscape to be released in May”

Darkside – Psychic review

When a musician decides to form a group or duo after an exciting career, or even start a side project, it’s practically impossible to not compare it to the works they’ve done. We all thought of it when you read this. Whether it’s Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters, or Thom Yorke in Atoms for Peace,Continue reading “Darkside – Psychic review”

No Age – An Object

  Lot’s happened in 2010. Vampire Weekend’s┬áContra┬ádebuted at number one on the Billboard 200, Jay Reatard died at 29, Pavement reunited for a tour, and Arcade Fire shocked the world with the Album Of The Year at the notorious Grammy’s. That was three years ago, and time has flown quickly. 2010 was also the lastContinue reading “No Age – An Object”

A Band Called Death changed the course of music in this great documentary

Before bands like Bad Brains and The Ramones, there was another band that blew up the punk scene. Death was an African-American punk trio from the 1970’s that never hit the big times, but 30 years later, their work showed up to the public as a hit. What started out as an R&B band, theyContinue reading “A Band Called Death changed the course of music in this great documentary”