It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013

This is a compilation of spooky songs and movie trailers, old and new. The idea was not to spoon feed you the obviously scary, but to get a little psychological with it as well. You may wonder, while listening, why some of the songs are on this podcast and if you have to wonder you’reContinue reading “It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013”

MS MR drops new video for “Fantasy” off their upcoming album Second Hand Rapture

Brooklyn based band MS MR (Ms.Vocals Lizzy Plapinger/Mr.Music Max Hershenow) has been one of those bands I’ve had my eye on since they dropped their hypnotic tune and equally hypnotic video “Hurricane” of their Candy Bar Creep Show EP back in July of 2012. The two have since signed a deal with SONY Records andContinue reading “MS MR drops new video for “Fantasy” off their upcoming album Second Hand Rapture”

MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!

Presented in no particular fucking order, I give you MITNG’s best music videos of 2012. A warning: The list is long and lawd knows it could’ve gone longer. Even as I write this, I’m thinking of people that I may have left out and it pains me, but it’s not like they look at thisContinue reading “MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!”