Warm Bodies and mmmmm … brains…

Warm Bodies is not your sister’s/girlfriend’s Twilight. Although, at first blush, the similarities between the two films seem easy-pickens for those not in the know. I’ve therefore braced myself for the inevitable and inescapable comparisons. It’s a pity, really, because it takes the focus away from what is a solidly entertaining film. Based on Isaac Marion’sContinue reading “Warm Bodies and mmmmm … brains…”

Moment Factory will light you up

File this Montreal based company’s name into your collective consciousness.  Because, after you win the lottery, you are going to need Moment Factory to choreograph the lighting and sound for your next birthday party.  Pick your favorite band or your chosen theme or both, then put this crew to work to make it the most memorable nightContinue reading “Moment Factory will light you up”