Eric Frisch “Goodbye Birdcage” Review

Summer is here. Cue the niche releases that will be played for two or three months out of happiness, and then after they’ll be played out of nostalgia and sadness. It’s a broad and cryptic way to describe that one album that sums up the feeling of the hottest season, but I have a specificContinue reading “Eric Frisch “Goodbye Birdcage” Review”

Listen To: Emancipator – Minor Cause (from upcoming album)

One of my favorite electronic artists, Emancipator (Douglas Appling), hasn’t released a new album since 2010 (not counting the amazing remix album from 2011). News just hit today that he is dropping a new album at the end of this month! Dusk to Dawn will be released on Loci RecordsĀ on January 29th. A new trackContinue reading “Listen To: Emancipator – Minor Cause (from upcoming album)”