New tUnE-yArDs track “Wait For A Minute” arrives

Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards is “hands down” one of the most talented musicians of our times. This New England native continues to change her style and isn’t afraid to move into new directions with her sound. On May 5th the Tune Yards will release their new album Nikki Nack through 4AD, but they’ve released anContinue reading “New tUnE-yArDs track “Wait For A Minute” arrives”

Outkast may reunite for a tour and possibly an album in 2014

Well about damn time! I new the ATL’s own, couldn’t stay buried for too long. Rumors have it the rap duo intend to reunite for a tour in 2014, they also intend to play Coachella or what I like to call the “Watered Down Woodstock”. No matter, as long as we get some new musicContinue reading “Outkast may reunite for a tour and possibly an album in 2014”

Refused Ends Reunion Tour, Ends Career In Sweden

Lasting only half of the 90’s and still up there with greats like Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr, Blur, Oasis and notably Nirvana is a achievement in itself. Refused recently announced that their career will come to an end after a short-lived reunion tour was scheduled. They will play their final show on December 15th in theirContinue reading “Refused Ends Reunion Tour, Ends Career In Sweden”

Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage

Funny…I had the lead singer of Death Grips, Stefan Burnett, pegged as a psycho maniac whose lawlessness would be the “death” of Death Grips…like how I did that? I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. They continue to tour, they continue to write and they continue to release good videos, there’s notContinue reading “Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage”


It’s just like Subpop Records to scoop up everything good in the world. Well, if it had to be one label that can do THEESATISFACTION right it would be Sub Pop. So my guess is that this is what half the population of Seattle’s doing when it’s raining…making beautiful tracks like this. These girls areContinue reading “CHECKOUT THE NEW VIDEO FOR “QUEENS” BY THEESATISFACTION”