Andrea Remondini “Non Sequitur”

I have a clear memory of putting on These New Puritans’ latest album, Field of Reeds when it came out and not having a clue what to think. It was a pretty long listen through, and the only sound that stuck with me was the droning key notes and high pitched falsettos. It was dubbed “neoclassical”,Continue reading “Andrea Remondini “Non Sequitur””

DUST written by The Magic Cube and featuring Zak Hughes is a tour de force of amazing

U.K. producer The Magic Cube has done it again with another hard-hitting track! The Magic Cube a.k.a Kevin Tye, has been hard at work lately with the recent 2013 release Starfighter EP and now he’s teamed up with Arizona based producer Zak Hughes , for a groundbreaking track that’s guaranteed to be the soundtrack forContinue reading “DUST written by The Magic Cube and featuring Zak Hughes is a tour de force of amazing”


I know him, but I don’t know him…you know? But if this video is evidence of the dancer‘s prowess he’s making big moves. Lil Buck is a Memphis native choreographer whose name is well known in the music video industry. He’s choreographed Janelle Monea’s video “Tightrope”. He’s also performed on dancing with the stars andContinue reading “LIL BUCK SHOWS US WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DANCE MEETS BEAUTIFUL CINEMATOGRAPHY”

The V Motion Project

  My Guitar Hero band set has been gathering a bit of dust.  I refuse to get rid of it, though, cuz I feel I may need to rock out a bit in the future, lacking the true ability of musicianship and laziness to pick up a real instrument the Playstation is my only outlet ofContinue reading “The V Motion Project”


There’s a certain wonder in uniformity. When several entities all independent  from another come together to form something magnificent. Like bees in a hive, ants or sometimes human’s. This is what the Japanese performance group World Order has set out to do. Like taking the Talking Heads video “Once In a Lifetime” one step furtherContinue reading “THE WONDER THAT IS “WORLD ORDER”!!”