MITNG’s videos of the week

I hope you guys appreciate what I do for you. I compiled some badass videos for your viewing pleasure this weekend. We have an amazingly creative video for Paul Whites song “Street Lights” featuring Danny Brown. The next is a feel good diddy from those lovable Canadian Nymphs Tegan and Sara. The next is aContinue reading “MITNG’s videos of the week”

A$AP Rocky continues to find his groove on Long.Live.A$AP

As being the first album of 2013 to be reviewed, it feels fitting to try and get one out as fast as possible. A$AP Rocky has really created a name for himself over the past year. With Live Long A$AP having some great singles and moments, you expect big things from this up-and-comer. His beefContinue reading “A$AP Rocky continues to find his groove on Long.Live.A$AP”

MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!

Presented in no particular fucking order, I give you MITNG’s best music videos of 2012. A warning: The list is long and lawd knows it could’ve gone longer. Even as I write this, I’m thinking of people that I may have left out and it pains me, but it’s not like they look at thisContinue reading “MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!”


I love this guy. His words are vicious and unrelenting, so when I clicked the play button on his latest youtube video (which I feel draws heavily on D-Nice’s “My Name Is D-Nice“), I admit, there was apart of me that was worried it was going to be filled with beeps, but nope. He deliveredContinue reading ““DANNY BROWN” SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT ABOUT THE RAP INDUSTRY IN HIS NEW VIDEO “RADIO SONG””