HOUSE is a bad trip caught on film

The 70’s…yeah, what else needs to be said? A decade filled with outstanding art, music, cinema and most importantly Horror. The Exorcist, Halloween, The Omen and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre carved an indelible mark into the psyche of the youngin’s brave enough to watch and some adults too. But during this Renaissance there was somethingContinue reading “HOUSE is a bad trip caught on film”

It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013

This is a compilation of spooky songs and movie trailers, old and new. The idea was not to spoon feed you the obviously scary, but to get a little psychological with it as well. You may wonder, while listening, why some of the songs are on this podcast and if you have to wonder you’reContinue reading “It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013”

Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” will always be a classic horror film

Funny story…my wife and I both believed we had seen Suspiria before, but both of us had different memories of the film. So we rented it recently and none of us remembered anything we were seeing. It was strange, like seeing something for the first time, but we both knew we saw it together awhileContinue reading “Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” will always be a classic horror film”

Suspiria themed bar discovered in Tokyo, Japan

Leave it to Japan to come up with a cool idea like this. came across some images of a bar in Japan that is meticulously designed like a set in Dario Argento‘s Susperia called Cambiare. The bar is located in Tokyo’s “Golden Gai” district. An area of Japan where there are tons of hipContinue reading “Suspiria themed bar discovered in Tokyo, Japan”

Only the strong are featured in The Collection

Peter Melton & Marcus Dunstan, the writer/director team that brought you the 2009 slasher The Collector, have returned with one of the better slasher films of the year: The Collection. The stylish, fast-paced sequel sees the return of the masked man and his most recent collectible, Arkin (Josh Stewart).  If you haven’t seen the originatingContinue reading “Only the strong are featured in The Collection”