Burial – Rival Dealer Review

It’s becoming an early Christmas gift tradition from Burial. For the second year in a row, the mysterious UK electronic artist has released an EP filled with surprises and a short release date. Following the amazing Truant / Rough Sleeper EP of last year, we receive the new Rival Dealer EP, and I cannot tell you how differentContinue reading “Burial – Rival Dealer Review”

Melt Yourself Down – Self-Titled Review

When dance music comes to mind, punk rock and jazz generally isn’t the first to make the list of ideas. The UK band, Melt Yourself Down, does just that. Their full-length self-titled debut off the leaf label stands out among the recent releases of music. It’s hard to pin them down to one genre, butContinue reading “Melt Yourself Down – Self-Titled Review”

A.C. Newman Misses Home Run With “Shut Down The Streets”

It’s around that time of year where 2012 is about to wind up with their music releases. We’ve already received some great album from surprising artists (Liars, Grimes, Spiritualized), and some mishaps from consistent groups (Animal Collective, Bloc Party). While The New Pornographers front man has yet to release a standout album over the years of his solo career, Shut Down TheContinue reading “A.C. Newman Misses Home Run With “Shut Down The Streets””