Checkout Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder in these amazing photos from Man of Steel

Man of Steel is truly gearing up to be the summer phenomenon of phenomenon’s and despite this, I still get naysayers coming up to me like “what do you think of the Man of Steel trailers?”, not as a believer ,mind you, but as a skeptic. That’s just goes to prove we’ve truly got ourContinue reading “Checkout Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder in these amazing photos from Man of Steel”

The Secret Life of Heroes by illustrator Gregoire Guillemin

These groundbreaking images of heroes doing the mundane came to us via Juxatapose magazine and boy are we ever thankful. Illustrator Gregoire Guillemin drinks from the 1960’s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein cup, in this hilarious group of images of famous super heroes engaged in some not so superhuman behavior. It’s not like comic book illustratorsContinue reading “The Secret Life of Heroes by illustrator Gregoire Guillemin”

Emerald City Comic Con – Day 3

By the time Sunday rolls around, if anything, the momentum at the con has picked up, not decreased, especially on the artist’s floor where content creators are assembled en masse.  The vibe on the floor is celebratory, energetic.  The lines to collect autographs from artists at Image, Dark Horse, DC and others are already formedContinue reading “Emerald City Comic Con – Day 3”

Emerald City Comic Con – Day 2

The day starts with a panel discussing the history of graphic content in comics going back to the 1920s.  Ben Saunders (author of  Do the Gods Wear Capes?) moderated the frank discussion of sex and sexuality in comics with legendary writer and artist Howard Chaykin.  Chaykin’s American Flagg is cited as an influence to the likesContinue reading “Emerald City Comic Con – Day 2”

Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1

As I make the hour-long commute to Seattle, my mind begins to tangle. “What do I do to get my badge? Will there be a huge line at registration? How do the autograph sessions work? What about the panels? How on Earth will I be able to find everything?” These are all valid questions, I’mContinue reading “Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1”