The Dismemberment Plan announce new album

A quick note to readers, get hyped. The Washington, DC indie-rockers have announced their first album in 12 years, titled¬†Uncanny Valley, it’s set to release October 15th. A message from the band’s facebook says, “The Dismemberment Plan is pleased to announce that on October 15, it will release Uncanney Valley, its fifth LP and firstContinue reading “The Dismemberment Plan announce new album”

A Book of Wanders is a fresh face in an ill-fated genre

Every time I hear a radio rock song I want to kick myself in the head. It’s not the arrogant personas that the musicians take on, or the tattooed up arms and shaved heads, it’s the music in general that pisses me off. I’m not one to close out any genres because there’s redeemable valuesContinue reading “A Book of Wanders is a fresh face in an ill-fated genre”