Beautiful Creatures of the Deep South

Life in small town Gatlin is a dead end affair for generations of its inhabitants, including Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), until a mysterious raven haired 15-year old girl named Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) rolls into town.  Counting the days until her 16th birthday when she, and her supernatural powers, will be claimed for the lightContinue reading “Beautiful Creatures of the Deep South”

Writer/director Andrew Dominik hopes to be Killing Them Softly

Andrew Dominik‘s film adaptation of “Cogan’s Trade” is set in the waning days of the George W. Bush administration, against the Hurricane Katrina ravaged back streets of Louisiana. The opening title sequence is a series of seemingly random, jarring images and sounds reminiscent of films from the 70s. It’s two parts brilliant, one part WTFContinue reading “Writer/director Andrew Dominik hopes to be Killing Them Softly”

Hopkins, Mirren Utterly Captivating in Wildly Entertaining “Hitchcock”

“All of us harbor dark recesses of violence and horror.” – Alfred Hitchcock Magnificent.  Wildly entertaining.  Engaging.  Hilarious.  Fascinating.  If we’re talking about director Sacha Gervasi’s 2012 biopic Hitchcock, then, yes.  All these things.  All of these things a dozen times over.  Easily a contender at the 2013 Academy Awards, Hitchcock is a must-see for fans of Alfred Hitchcock, AnthonyContinue reading “Hopkins, Mirren Utterly Captivating in Wildly Entertaining “Hitchcock””