Marla Mase – “Halflife EP” Review

At least once a week, Apostrophe by Frank Zappa is played in my perimeter. The weird, comedic vibes Zappa gives off on his most traditional blues rock album puts a smile on my face that I can’t seem to shake. It’s incredible put together, with songs flowing into one another like a Cirque du Soleil show. IContinue reading “Marla Mase – “Halflife EP” Review”

Underground Mondays: BadBadNotGood reinvent jazz

I love jazz. The energy of the artists collaborating is mesmerizing. It’s arguably the most complex form of music, and surprisingly had the most of controversy when the music was still popular. Many big name musicians died at a young age (John Coltrane at 40, Eric Dolphy at 36, and Albert Ayler at 34), andContinue reading “Underground Mondays: BadBadNotGood reinvent jazz”

Tyler, The Creator doesn’t break any new ground on Wolf

Has the hyped dropped or is it higher than ever? Probably the most talked about album release since the surprise My Bloody Valentine album, mbv, Tyler, The Creator’s Wolf has finally arrived. At this point, the talks of selling out and dying out is at an all time high. Last time I checked, he was the top-sellingContinue reading “Tyler, The Creator doesn’t break any new ground on Wolf”

Listen to the omitted Django Unchained song Wiseman by Frank Ocean

Learned this bit of news from, about this Frank Ocean’s track that was unfortunately left out of the soundtrack for Django Unchained. I haven’t seen the movie or heard this track yet, but it stands to reason that they are both good. Frank uploaded the track to his Tumblr site with the a quoteContinue reading “Listen to the omitted Django Unchained song Wiseman by Frank Ocean”