Wavves do their take on garage rock with Afraid of Heights

I was never apart of the Blink-182 craze, as the band never appealed to me. Their teenage boy style, and lewd music videos weren’t something I bothered to take part of. It was once I actually listened to the music that I was hooked. The melodies and lyrics were straight to the point and theyContinue reading “Wavves do their take on garage rock with Afraid of Heights”

Truant / Rough Sleep show Burial’s diversity

What can I say, we’ve been waiting patiently since 2006 for a followup to the amazing album, Unture. It can be hard to nail down Burial‘s sound into a single genre. Although it is easy to tell his 2-step, garage, and ambient influences, his sound is very unique. What his early 2012 release, Kindred, did was only showContinue reading “Truant / Rough Sleep show Burial’s diversity”