First images from 300 sequel Rise of an Empire arrives

This is one of those movies that until I see some footage, I’m still up in the air as to whether this film should’ve happened at all. My biggest peeve is that Zack Snyder (300, The Watchmen) is not involved. But these new images, that supposedly come fresh from the film, offers a tiny bitContinue reading “First images from 300 sequel Rise of an Empire arrives”

Don’t Fall for Olympus Has Fallen

What would happen if terrorists were able to do the unthinkable, the seemingly impossible, and take down the White House?  That’s the question posed in director Antoine Fuqua‘s (Training Day) film Olympus Has Fallen. Olympus Has Fallen sports a sterling ensemble cast with Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, Aaron Eckhart as President Asher, Morgan Freeman as Speaker of the House Trumbull, Angela Bassett as Lynne Jacobs (head of theContinue reading “Don’t Fall for Olympus Has Fallen”