Eric Frisch “Goodbye Birdcage” Review

Summer is here. Cue the niche releases that will be played for two or three months out of happiness, and then after they’ll be played out of nostalgia and sadness. It’s a broad and cryptic way to describe that one album that sums up the feeling of the hottest season, but I have a specificContinue reading “Eric Frisch “Goodbye Birdcage” Review”

Zero Complex is a cosplay series that needs to happen NOW

My good friend/ director and lead faculty for Digital Video at University of Advancing Technology Paul DeNigris, is at it again with another “oh-so-worthy” movie, but this time, he needs our help to make it happen. You might remember Paul’s work from films like the Mass Effect fan film Red Sand and the viral sensationContinue reading “Zero Complex is a cosplay series that needs to happen NOW”

Super sexy video for FKA twigs-Papi Pacify

As we grow as a human raceĀ  (I use that term very lightly), we are constantly redefining sex through music and with each generation, we seem to be getting closer to the heart of the matter. FKA twigs (affectionately named for the way her bones cracked?) is giving sexiness the much needed makeover it deservesContinue reading “Super sexy video for FKA twigs-Papi Pacify”