Is Iron Man 3 the end of the road?

Picking up where The Avengers left off, Iron Man 3 finds Tony Stark in the clutches of post-traumatic stress from which he is often physically, emotionally debilitated.  Pepper Potts has moved into Tony’s Malibu mansion and it’s clear Tony is struggling in the aftermath of the events that took place in New York.  But, when a new threat arises in theContinue reading “Is Iron Man 3 the end of the road?”

Listen to the Iron Man Trilogy Remix by Mike Relm

Here’s a dope little Iron Man mash up done by <a class="zem_slink" title="San Francisco" href="

Second trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives…with friends!

I did a little reading on the Mandarin (Iron Man‘s arch nemesis), after watching the first trailer for Iron Man 3. What I gathered is he’s an idealist, kind of like Che Guevera, but a million times smarter. He is the Tony Stark of Indochina, but without his money and once again Tony’s father projectsContinue reading “Second trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives…with friends!”

Trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives.

Not as much of a fan of Iron Man as I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr. He is the whole reason I really even follow this franchise, well that and that bad ass Iron Man suit. First thoughts on this new trailer for Iron Man 3…looks amazing! There’s some real drama going downContinue reading “Trailer for Iron Man 3 arrives.”