Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

There’s a strong sense of invincibility that surrounds Nine Inch Nails. The music transcends masses of the public and have inspired many future musicians to break new grounds. Trent Reznor, the mastermind behind the rotating lineup of industrial superstars, is often thought of as a god in modern music. He is the main man toContinue reading “Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks”

Hear the new Nine Inch Nails tracks “Everything” and “Find My Way”

In classic NIN fashion, Trent Reznor has shocked fans once again. As the new album,┬áHesitation Marks, is about to be released, the band released two more songs to BBC Radio One with a very mixed reception. “Everything”, which was released just about a week ago, resembles the popular rock hits of the 90’s, while “FindContinue reading “Hear the new Nine Inch Nails tracks “Everything” and “Find My Way””

Listen to Nine Inch Nails new track Came Back Haunted

Today Nine Inch Nails dropped the first single off their long awaited album Hesitation Marks and it’s quite good. I can only speak for this single, but it’s classic NIN and I’m loving it! We learned about this preview via Antiquiet who had this to say about the track. Via@ ANTIQUIET Soon after the announcementContinue reading “Listen to Nine Inch Nails new track Came Back Haunted”