Beyond The Black Rainbow is true 80’s horror

Originally I had intended to watch this movie at a local art house theater, but I saw that it was available on Amazon on Demand, so I decided to enjoy the movie in bed with my wife, dog and laptop. What you notice immediately about Beyond The Black Rainbow is that it draws heavily uponContinue reading “Beyond The Black Rainbow is true 80’s horror”

M.I.T.N.G. Reviews: ‘Dear Creature’ by Jonathan Case

Jonathan Case has created a graphic novel entwining the motifs of classic horror films and the tragic comedies of ancient master playwrights.  Although my mental catalog is small, I can think of no other debut that has equaled the depths of artistry, storytelling and dialogue that Mr. Case has accomplished with, Dear Creature.  Employing theContinue reading “M.I.T.N.G. Reviews: ‘Dear Creature’ by Jonathan Case”