The National are to appear on “Catching Fire” Soundtrack

A movie about killing children in an apocalyptic world can’t fit any better to The National’s gloomy lyrics. Maybe I’m taking the band’s lyrical meaning differently than what they intended to have, but it could work out. They’ve announced that the group wrote a song for the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, which is set toContinue reading “The National are to appear on “Catching Fire” Soundtrack”

Typhoon – White Lighter

Many music enthusiasts have that one ‘personal’ band which they take pride in knowing. It’s the hipster culture of modern music, but the then again there’s always been pretentious music snobs. A band I’ve been following since their beginnings is a renown Portland indie rock, indie pop band named Typhoon. The monster 11 piece orchestraContinue reading “Typhoon – White Lighter”

First images from Pablo Escobar biopic starring Benecio Del Toro arrives

I use the term Pablo Escobar biopic very loosely, having just read the synopsis. Directed by Andrea di Stefano (Before Night Falls), the story surrounds a young surfer, played by Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), who falls in love with a beautiful young girl whom he discovers is Pablo Escobars niece. I don’t know aboutContinue reading “First images from Pablo Escobar biopic starring Benecio Del Toro arrives”