Universal Studios in talks to bring IDW’s Locke and Key to the big screen…finally

Can this amazing comic book get a friggin break? Yep…according to Heat Vision , Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s amazing story of violence and magic is being picked up by Universal Studios with screenwriters/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci in place to produce the film. Whew…I was scared, they were set to write. Locke &Continue reading “Universal Studios in talks to bring IDW’s Locke and Key to the big screen…finally”

Name That Soundtrack: Science Fiction up’s the ante

It was about a month ago we challenged you, our readers, to guess the name, composer and titles of ten science fiction film/tv soundtracks. The response was less than desirable and most of us at MITNG had begun questioning our approach. We began blaming ourselves and saying maybe if we had toasted the bread betterContinue reading “Name That Soundtrack: Science Fiction up’s the ante”


Night Of 1,000 Wolves written by Bobby Curnow and illustrated by¬† Dave Wachter. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you good horror, be it films or books, never let’s you rest. The point is to immerse you in the despair, pain and terror the character’s are experiencing and the quicker the better. Bobby Curnow (Battle Beast)Continue reading “MITNG COMIC BOOK REVIEWS”