Mogwai – Rave Tapes review

I’m entering dangerous territory so I need to tread lightly. There seems to be a desire to crush any sort of discussion on post-rock bands that released a significant album in the 90’s (Godspeed You!, Tortoise), and with Mogwai being one of the culprits, it’s hard to put an honest opinion without backlash. It mustContinue reading “Mogwai – Rave Tapes review”

Gravity in the Graphic Form: A Review of Joe Sacco’s ‘Journalism’

Spanning over ten years of work across the globe, Joe Sacco’s latest release, Journalism, amasses most of the shorter reporting pieces he has investigated during that period.  Weighing in at nearly two-hundred pages it is not small and far from being irrelevant.  Within this graphic novel the reader is transported from the War Crime TribunalContinue reading “Gravity in the Graphic Form: A Review of Joe Sacco’s ‘Journalism’”