Venture back into the Further with Insidious Chapter 2

Venture back into the realms of the Further with the next installment of the Insidious franchise. With Dalton awake again, the Lambert family wants nothing more than to get back to a normal routine and to begin healing in the wake of recent events.  The police have questions for Renai about her husband’s role in the deathContinue reading “Venture back into the Further with Insidious Chapter 2”

Why a PG-13 Rating Spelled Success for Insidious

Haunted houses.  Demon possession.  Seances.  The Further.  Astral Projection.  For the Lambert family, any hope of having a normal life gradually fades after their young son Dalton falls into a non-waking state.  As they struggle to make sense of what’s happening to their son, Renai and Josh are overcome with a feeling of never beingContinue reading “Why a PG-13 Rating Spelled Success for Insidious”

The Bay on dvd promises, but doesn’t deliver

Can these Paranormal Activity guys do anything else? Apparently not, there must be an element of laziness that goes into shooting a film like this. There’s a shit ton of scenes, actors and special effects and although this was one of those found footage horrors, shouldn’t there be at least one protagonist? This film felt,Continue reading “The Bay on dvd promises, but doesn’t deliver”