Disgusting new trailer for Frankenstein’s Army arrives

In another attempt to sci-fi/horror, the hell out of the Nazi‘s comes Frankenstein’s Army. This trailer looks pretty crazy and should do pretty well given the success of such cross over WWII films like Dead Snow and Iron Sky. Frankenstein’s Army is directed by Richard Raaphorst (Worst Case Scenario), which despite it’s amazing trailer hasContinue reading “Disgusting new trailer for Frankenstein’s Army arrives”

Iron Sky is a pleasantly unexpected and intelligent film

Everybody’s always telling me, when referring to films like Battleship, Transformers or Fast and The Furious, to not take it seriously, it’s just a fun film and to go into the theater knowing what to expect. So your saying I should expect to loose 10 dollars of my hard earned money not to be entertainedContinue reading “Iron Sky is a pleasantly unexpected and intelligent film”


There’s a whole lot of unrelenting wrongness being displayed in the first four minutes of the long awaited IRON SKY. So much so that one would think that this film is not to be taken serious, but it is. In this clip the hilarity ensues, but then just as the our antagonist are introduced theresContinue reading “WATCH THE FIRST 4 MINUTES OF THE MOON NAZI MOVIE “IRON SKY””