Bond is Back in a Major Way in Skyfall

Drop what you’re doing and make a date to see Skyfall. It’s that good. I will be the first to admit that, back in 2006 I was unkind in my thoughts of Daniel Craig‘s turn as the then new James Bond in Casino Royale. I will also admit that, two years later, I was alsoContinue reading “Bond is Back in a Major Way in Skyfall”

Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.

Unsuspecting passengers at a train station thought they were simply buying a Coke Zero to quench their thirst.  Next thing you know, they are on a 70 second mission to get to a gate on the other side of the building, complete with obstacles.  Promotion at its finest.  Check out the video I found courtesyContinue reading “Want to be a 007 agent? Order a Coke Zero.”

Skyfall trailer with Adele title track

Today, October 5, 2012 has been officially announced as Global James Bond Day, setting off a series of events celebrating the franchises 50th anniversary.  What better way to spark things off than the release of Adele’s title track of the upcoming film, Skyfall.  I don’t know if my following video is the ‘official’ one or not, but, it gets meContinue reading “Skyfall trailer with Adele title track”