Evil Dead Returns in Brutal Fashion

As a group of college-aged friends convene at a remote cabin to help one of their friends go cold turkey, none of them is prepared for the ancient evil that is unleashed when one of them reads from a mysterious text. Directed by Fede Alvarez, who was hand-picked by franchise creator Sam Raimi, Evil Dead stars Jane Levy as Mia, Shiloh Fernandez asContinue reading “Evil Dead Returns in Brutal Fashion”

EVIL DEAD – Official Redband Teaser Trailer

I’ll admit it’s kind of hard for me to take this serious. I’m almost confused when I think about what exactly is happening in this trailer. My thoughts certainly don’t turn to the original Sam Raimi directed 1981 horror film starring Bruce Campbell, but I sure as hell was missing his mug or something likeContinue reading “EVIL DEAD – Official Redband Teaser Trailer”