The critters are coming in this awesome trailer for “You’re Next”

I’m thinking it’s because I really love the Lou Reed song “Perfect Day” that I really got sucked into this trailer, but I played the trailer on mute, a trick you oughta do sometime, and yep…still want to see this one. I’ve seen home invasion flicks before, but for some reason this feels like more.Continue reading “The critters are coming in this awesome trailer for “You’re Next””


Okay I’ve visited  some crazy websites in my time and I’ve seen my share of jacked up stuff, but while I was watching this trailer for V/H/S, I actually felt like I was seeing something I wasn’t supposed to be. Quite sick to say the least, aaannndd now I’m interested.V/H/S is the collaborative efforts ofContinue reading “BIZARRE AND DISTURBING TRAILER FOR “V/H/S” ARRIVES…BEHOLD!”