MITNG’S Video’s of the Week

Janelle Monae-Dance Apocalyptic I was talking to my wife about what she thought of Janelle’s new video for her latest single Dance Apocalyptic and she was a little surprise/not ready for Janelle’s make-over, considering how about “not being common” she was on her first album. I have to agree it’s a bit jarring, but IContinue reading “MITNG’S Video’s of the Week”

MITNG’S Videos of the Week

KATE BOY- THE WAY WE ARE This group really is one of those matches made in heaven. With Kate Hurst on vocals and Swedish song writing/production team Rocket Boy (Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Oskar Sikow Engström, and Markus Dextegen) backing her up, I use that term lightly, Kate Boy continues to astound. Seems they are goodContinue reading “MITNG’S Videos of the Week”

Brooklyn hip hop artists Joey Badass featuring Chuck Strangers in “Fromdatombs”

Here’s the new video for “Fromdatombs” by Joeybadass featuring Chuck Strangers. The track is totally reminiscent of 90’s hip hop and is a breath of fresh air. This track was originally featured on the Joey Badass’s Mixtape 1999, which was received with mixed reviews, but most of the critics agree “Fromdatombs” was the best trackContinue reading “Brooklyn hip hop artists Joey Badass featuring Chuck Strangers in “Fromdatombs””