Illustrator Joe Spiotto turns video games into children’s books

This collection of works from illustrator Joey Spiotto , features some of our most beloved video game characters given the kindergarten make over. From Mass Effect to Bioshock, Joey does an excellent job of harnessing that whimsy from yesteryear and turning fierce heroes into cuddly little characters. Joey Spiotto Website PURCHASE THESE PRINTS HERE  

Atoms for Peace rock solid with Amok

How do I open up a paragraph about this group? There really isn’t much to say about the group, Atoms for Peace, when they have a lineup like this. The super-group originally consisted of Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joey Waronker of Beck and R.E.M., Nigel Godrich who is aContinue reading “Atoms for Peace rock solid with Amok”

Brooklyn hip hop artists Joey Badass featuring Chuck Strangers in “Fromdatombs”

Here’s the new video for “Fromdatombs” by Joeybadass featuring Chuck Strangers. The track is totally reminiscent of 90’s hip hop and is a breath of fresh air. This track was originally featured on the Joey Badass’s Mixtape 1999, which was received with mixed reviews, but most of the critics agree “Fromdatombs” was the best trackContinue reading “Brooklyn hip hop artists Joey Badass featuring Chuck Strangers in “Fromdatombs””