Stream How To Destroy Angels new album Welcome Oblivion

I’m not even two minutes into HDTA new album Welcome Oblivion and I’m already loving it much more than their self titled freshman release. The first track, which is more like an intro, Wake Up, is off the fucking hook. It’s as if they said to themselves “let’s give them more”, more meaning more danceableContinue reading “Stream How To Destroy Angels new album Welcome Oblivion”

How To Destroy Angels-Ice Age Video

I post things on MITNG cause I think they are worthy of coverage. Of course, using the word “worthy” may give some reason to feel as though I might have a G-d complex. I don’t…I just know what’s good and what isn’t and this video/song is good. How To Destroy Angels is the brainchild ofContinue reading “How To Destroy Angels-Ice Age Video”