Relativity Media adapting the graphic novel Anomaly for a feature film

Weeks ago MITNG did a review on this amazing, augmented reality graphic novel, called Anomaly created by software designer Skip Brittenham and comic book writer and illustrator Brian Haberlin, well today we received word that this epic story is being made into a feature length film. Of course, not everything about this venture is clearContinue reading “Relativity Media adapting the graphic novel Anomaly for a feature film”

Jon Hopkins – Immunity Review

There’s always been a twist with progressive music. Whether metal, jazz, rock, or electronic, the term applies to any one of these genres. The word ‘progressive’ is defined by, “Happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.” I literally Googled the word and found the definition, and that’s what came up. ItContinue reading “Jon Hopkins – Immunity Review”