I hate starting these posts off with “It’s that time of year again”, BUT IT IS!!!!!!!! Tons of great albums this year, but my boy Ryan and I had to narrow them down to twenty so as not to make this post too long winded. Some of the artists on this list are well knownContinue reading “TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2013”

Behold the far out illustrations of Thom Tenery

Conceptual artist Thom Tenery is no noobie to the concept art game, he’s worked with such entertainment giants as Disney, Blizzard Entertainment and the Syfy Channel. His most notable work was the sky tower home and drones in the Kosinski/Cruise film OBLIVION (available on Blu-Ray now). Checking out his resume, I also see that he’sContinue reading “Behold the far out illustrations of Thom Tenery”

M83 shares another song off the OBLIVION Soundtrack

Here’s another song from the Oblivion soundtrack composed by M83, this ones called…well “Oblivion” and features the vocal styling’s of Susanne Sundfor. As much press as this film has been receiving, I’m surprised it’s not out already, but it actually releases April 19 with its soundtrack arriving April 9 via Back Lot Records. Earlier lastContinue reading “M83 shares another song off the OBLIVION Soundtrack”

Listen to M83’s “Starwaves” from the OBLIVION soundtrack and prepare to be overwhelmed

So many amazing artist have transitioned into composing soundtracks and have done so successfully. Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman, Jonsi, Johnny Greenwood, BECK and Randy Newman just to name a few. All great artist and all clearly capable of pushing themselves to that next level. Anthony Gonzalez  of M83 can now be added to that list,Continue reading “Listen to M83’s “Starwaves” from the OBLIVION soundtrack and prepare to be overwhelmed”


Earlier last week we got the chance to see the premier episode of Disney XD’s TRON:UPRISING before anyone else. Now were getting another taste, boys and girls, of what went into making this visually stunning animated series. TRON is the brain child of Steve Lisenberger who along with Disney created the first movie back inContinue reading ““TRON:UPRISING” GETS A BEHIND THE SCENES FEATURETTE”