The AKIRA Project finally drops an amazing full length trailer

A while back we told you about a small “labor of love” called The Akira Project ,that was trying to generate money, through Indie Go Go, to create an Akira fan trailer, well guess what?… it got funded, and not only that, we got the full trailer for you right here. It’s astonishingly true toContinue reading “The AKIRA Project finally drops an amazing full length trailer”

Video for One by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

This morning I woke up to take my dog out, came back and decided that I wasn’t going back to sleep and started browsing music videos online and came across this amazing one called One by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. Needless to say, I was blown away visually and aurally, so I had to doContinue reading “Video for One by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan”