Checkout this awesome trailer for Jellyfish Eyes directed by Takashi Murakami

If you’ve spent anytime in New York or just have a good grasp on Japanese/American pop culture, than you know all about Takashi Murakami. His art has graced the fashion/music industry, going on a decade now. In his, ever increasing need, to reinvent himself, he’s debut this trailer for his new movie Jellyfish Eyes. MITNGContinue reading “Checkout this awesome trailer for Jellyfish Eyes directed by Takashi Murakami”

Super sexy video for FKA twigs-Papi Pacify

As we grow as a human race  (I use that term very lightly), we are constantly redefining sex through music and with each generation, we seem to be getting closer to the heart of the matter. FKA twigs (affectionately named for the way her bones cracked?) is giving sexiness the much needed makeover it deservesContinue reading “Super sexy video for FKA twigs-Papi Pacify”

MITNG’S Videos of the Week

Action Bronson– Strictly for my Jeeps I saw the featured rapper Riff Raff in a recent interview on Pitchfork and although I think he’s full of shit, I think he’s a genius. As for Action Bronson, this is the first time I’m been downwind of this cat and for doo doo rhymes he’s not badContinue reading “MITNG’S Videos of the Week”

David Fincher rolls out a masterpiece for Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie” Feat. Jay-Z

Most of us already know that David Fincher comes from a music video background. He single-handedly ushered in a whole generation of high concept video’s and the music industry hasn’t been the same since. His roster of artists includes…oh wait, I just Googled his music video filmography and Holy S**t, there’s entirely too many toContinue reading “David Fincher rolls out a masterpiece for Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie” Feat. Jay-Z”


Maybe not so much now, but back in the day it was an honor to reference the Roland TR 808 beat machine in your song (Beastie Boys-License To ILL). During the eighties and nineties the 808 was God. The low end you got was immediately recognizable to anyone who listened to hip hop. Living inContinue reading “THE HISTORY OF THE THE ROLAND TR 808”