This MATRIX fan film is worth watching…over and over

Featuring some outstanding looking “Sentinels”, this Matrix fan film could easily be an intro to a television series or even a Netflix exclusive…it’s that good! Shot in Bogota, Columbia by director/vfx artist Felix Joleanes, the short “seemingly” takes place after the machines have taken over and the world (the real world) as we know it,Continue reading “This MATRIX fan film is worth watching…over and over”

Hanks, Berry lead “Cloud Atlas” through the centuries

When it comes to “Cloud Atlas”, there are two things for certain. 1.) By now, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of opinions about it circulating the blogosphere. 2.) Here’s another… The 2004 novel of the same name, penned by David Mitchell, should act as ample warning/solicitation to any moviegoer casually strolling into the theater thisContinue reading “Hanks, Berry lead “Cloud Atlas” through the centuries”