Left 4 Dead fan film is a gamer’s delight

I would really like to spoil this fan film, based on the Left 4 Dead¬†game franchise, because if you are a supporter of independent productions and/or a gamer this is something you shouldn’t miss.¬† The soundtrack, including Elbow‘s “Grounds for Divorce,” is excellent and the final 3 minutes is full of cameos that anyone whoContinue reading “Left 4 Dead fan film is a gamer’s delight”


This is a cool video that documents the day in the life of a sound designer for video games, particularly the sound designers at Wabi Sabi Sound. This video goes into great detail about how they make something out of nothing. Scrap metal,rusty bikes,sticks you name it, anything and everything is used to create theContinue reading “CREATING THAT SOUND FOR A VIDEO GAME”