Teenagers are total Animals in director Marçal Forés new flick

By all outward appearances, Pol (Oriol Pla), is just an average teenager.  Living with his brother in the countryside, Pol rides his bike to school every day where he struggles to understand who he really is and where he fits in. Animals is the first feature film of Marçal Forés and after seeing it, I’m excitedContinue reading “Teenagers are total Animals in director Marçal Forés new flick”

Step into the World of Alice Walker

Evocative, powerful, and lyrical are the words that suggest themselves after watching Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth.  This new documentary helmed by Pratibha Parmar offers a sympathetic portrait of the writer, activist, mother, and woman whose literary voice helped shaped a new American future. As an avid fan of the documentary format as a means toContinue reading “Step into the World of Alice Walker”