Baltimore #1 The Infernal Train is an outstanding neo-gothic read

When writer and artist Mike Mignola sets out to create a new story, there are a few things you can expect an overall foreboding landscape, high concept and blood. In <a class="zem_slink" title="Baltimore" href=",-76.6166666667&spn=0.1,0.1&amp

Short film ABE is creepy and fascinating

Remember when Commander Data got that emotion chip in Star Trek: The Next Generation? Well imagine if Data got that chip, but it was crafted by Dexter voila you have this homicidal robot Abe. Oh, he just wants to be loved, but when it’s not reciprocated, he’ll will fix you, he’ll fix you dead. AbeContinue reading “Short film ABE is creepy and fascinating”

The fantastic Steampunk world of illustrator Brian Kesinger

I like to attribute my fascination with Steampunk with my love for reading, in particular the works of author Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) but, until now, there really wasn’t a name for the type of Victorian science fiction I had come to love. I guess it was just regular-ass “science fiction”, but I, as withContinue reading “The fantastic Steampunk world of illustrator Brian Kesinger”

Science fiction short SEED is a beautiful anomaly

Ambiguity is the key in this one. SEED is a science fiction short directed by Tyson Wade Johnston. It’s cryptic in it’s delivery, but leaves plenty of room for more…”answers” that is. In the same vein as such films like Solaris and Moon this one revels in it’s isolation. Pitting man against nature on aContinue reading “Science fiction short SEED is a beautiful anomaly”

Dark Horse’s “Once Upon A Time Machine” future shocks classic fairy tales

  There are probably a few purist out there who would frown on this futuristic retelling of classic fairy tales, but I’m not one of them. There’s one thing to mar works of art it’s another to finesse them and give new life to these dusty morality tales and that’s precisely what editors Andrew CarlContinue reading “Dark Horse’s “Once Upon A Time Machine” future shocks classic fairy tales”


Here’s how this works. Each week we are going to try and post soundtracks from films or television shows. The soundtracks could be themed, take for instance this weeks NTS is science fiction. Next week it might be western, action, adventure or whatever. The rules are simple, we will post a Soundcloud stream containing theContinue reading “NAME THAT SOUNDTRACK CONTEST : SCIENCE FICTION”


As abrupt an ending as this story has, I felt pretty confident that I knew the basic gist of what was happening. Then I back peddled, second guessed myself, and skimmed through some of the pages I previously read and I gotta say…it’s all still a bit hazy. Illustrator George O’Conner and Pulitzer Prize finalistContinue reading “M.I.T.N.G REVIEWS “BALL PEEN HAMMER” BY ADAM RAPP ART BY GEORGE O’CONNER”


Writer Radi Lewis and illustrator Ernesto Vincente have created a feast for lovers of war and science in TECH WATCH. The story follows Isaiah Grey (Founder oF Tech Watch) an unscrupulous scientist with designs on ruling the world. To achieve this goal he travels the globe with his nano soldiers harvesting information from former fellowContinue reading “MITNG REVIEWS “TECH WATCH” WRITTEN BY RADI LEWIS AND ILLUSTRATED BY ERNESTO VINCENTE”