It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013

This is a compilation of spooky songs and movie trailers, old and new. The idea was not to spoon feed you the obviously scary, but to get a little psychological with it as well. You may wonder, while listening, why some of the songs are on this podcast and if you have to wonder you’reContinue reading “It’s here MITNG’S Halloween Podcast 2013”

The critters are coming in this awesome trailer for “You’re Next”

I’m thinking it’s because I really love the Lou Reed song “Perfect Day” that I really got sucked into this trailer, but I played the trailer on mute, a trick you oughta do sometime, and yep…still want to see this one. I’ve seen home invasion flicks before, but for some reason this feels like more.Continue reading “The critters are coming in this awesome trailer for “You’re Next””


¬†What does it mean to connect? Not through your computer or through a letter, but to stare into someones eyes, not say a word and give yourself over to instinctual feelings. This is what performance artist Marina Abramovic¬†challenges people to do in this unique film. Shot back in April of 2010 at MOMA (Museum OfContinue reading “MOVING TRAILER FOR MARINA ABRAMOVIC’S “THE ARTIST IS PRESENT””