I hate starting these posts off with “It’s that time of year again”, BUT IT IS!!!!!!!! Tons of great albums this year, but my boy Ryan and I had to narrow them down to twenty so as not to make this post too long winded. Some of the artists on this list are well knownContinue reading “TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2013”

MITNG’S Videos of the Week

STARS-Hold On When You Get Love & Let Go When You Give It I needed this video after the week I’ve had in rootin tootin Arizona. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that it’s going to be alright and this video was a healthy dose of that. This new single from the Montreal basedContinue reading “MITNG’S Videos of the Week”

M.I.A. releases new song, set to release new album

On the brink of a new album, M.I.A. has released the single, “Bring The Noize”. The new release, titled MATANGI, is a follow-up to the 2010 album, Maya. The album failed to reach the success of the great Kala, which was released another three years earlier in 2007 (“Paper Planes” anyone?). The multi-talented British artist seems to haveContinue reading “M.I.A. releases new song, set to release new album”

Major Lazer-Jah No Partial Ft. Flux Pavillion

Wake up everyone! We are about to embark upon another years worth of unknowns, so what better way to do it than with this bad as jam from Major Lazer. This video was shot in Belgium where there are obviously a lot of pretty girls with good taste in music and the temperatures are hotContinue reading “Major Lazer-Jah No Partial Ft. Flux Pavillion”

MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!

Presented in no particular fucking order, I give you MITNG’s best music videos of 2012. A warning: The list is long and lawd knows it could’ve gone longer. Even as I write this, I’m thinking of people that I may have left out and it pains me, but it’s not like they look at thisContinue reading “MITNG’S best videos of 2012…an Epic year!!”


This is probably the last post I’m doing today (I’m lying of course), but it’s one that will leave you all warm inside I promise. Earlier last week I posted two videos from the Somesuch&Co. Camp, well now I’m back and thanks to the good folks at “Vice Magazine” we have some exclusive behind theContinue reading “GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF M.I.A’S CRAZY “BAD GIRLS” VIDEO!!!”

Jake Gyllanhall Hall Loses His Mind In “The Shoes” Video “Time To Dance”

So the facts surrounding this case are still coming in, but it would seem that the murder spree began with an argument about the rent between Jake and the deceased. The argument apparently escalated when the deceased began dancing with Jakes girl and thats when authorities believe Jake went to his room and put onContinue reading “Jake Gyllanhall Hall Loses His Mind In “The Shoes” Video “Time To Dance””